Dyslexia Books For Kids and Reluctant Readers

February 6, 2021
by Vanja Andrić

Dyslexia friendly books might not be relevant for dyslexic kids’ desire to read. They don’t like reading. Yet, sometimes they have to.

We did a small research about what dyslexics say that works for them. Turns out all dyslexics have one thing in common:

They had to like the subject of the book to invest time and effort into reading.

Motivate Beginner Readers With Easy To Understand Texts

Above all, for beginners in reading, a combination of high interest topics, adapted context and rich vocabulary is a smart way to go. Making the text easier to understand is motivating. There is no question about that. One of the reasons why we have developed dyslexia friendly reader is to make it easier to read. In addition to that, we support dyslexic kids to improve their reading skills. And we all know the only way to do that is to read.

We recently talked to some schools to see what kind of books they give their dyslexic students for school reading. The reading lists for similar age quite differ at each school. What we noticed is that modern titles are predominant. But some classic books for kids that we have in our preloaded library, are also on the list.


We support dyslexic students above the age of 10 with their reading needs. We notice that kids from ages 10 to 14 are dominating among our users. Most of the dyslexia tools available in the app are relevant for this age group.


They use about 6 tools on average (font type, the spacing between lines and between letters, syllable marking, mirror letter marking and canvas) while kids between the age of 14 to 16 use 3 tools on average (font type, the spacing between lines and syllable marking). Both groups report they are able to read easier with the help of these tools.

High Interest Topic Books For Dyslexic Kids

With these tools, they adapt all books to become dyslexia books for kids. So whether they read books with the adapted context or not, they will read books better as long as the topic is interesting to them.

If books or topics your child would like to read are not available in the app’s preloaded library, you can always add a book or other documents in PDF or Word format. Schools have access to e-books of their interest and you can also find them in online stores.

čitam tekst prilagođen sebi disleksija

In conclusion, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing:

We’re happy if the kids read and don’t have to stress much about it.

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