Omoguru Belives in Social Equity, Without Bias

We make adversity invisible and differences positive.


Society needs a change! Society today is intolerant towards different needs, or just aware of its existence at the best. That’s why the world we create is inclusive. That means differences are accepted, not just tolerated.

That world, our world, creates and supports ways for everyone to overcome obstacles on their way to achievements because there is no one universal way.

World of equity and without prejudice is possible. It just needs a bit more empathy and understanding.

People With Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not a difficulty, but just one of the differences among us. Dyslexics think differently. They see the world differently. And we perceive that as a gift.

People with such ability have what it takes to redefine the world.

Omoguru team of speech therapists, designers, typographers, dreamers, innovators and experienced entrepreneurs who are finding new ways to deliver a comfortable reading experience to dyslexics.

To learn more about what we consider important read about dyslexia and dyslexics empowerment.

What Is Omo?

The name itself is basically a paraphrase of the Latin proverb “Nomenest omen” – “the name is the sign” because a sign is a sign; it’s not a name or anything else, but simply – a sign. As I was writing the acronym “OEO”, I rotated the letter “E”, and my partner, who sees things a bit differently, read it as “omo”.