Owen Kowalski, The Life Dyslexic

Being a very paper-based analogue dyslexic reader, I have often struggled with reading books on tablets or kindles. I therefore approached the Omoguru Reader with a mix of skepticism, intrigued and hope that it might make a difference.

First up, I found the app very simple, straightforward and intuitive to use, with a large library of books to choose from.

Once I was finally up and running, I found the reading experience much better than on previous electric readers. My reading speed was always slow to begin with when reading of a screen then off a paper page and using Omoguru certain increased it to be on a par with my paper-based reading speed but did not exceed it.

I would recommend Omoguru to anyone who is struggling with their reading and suggest they give it a try. I am sure a more digitally orientated dyslexic would find it a huge asset to their arsenal. Although personally I still prefer reading my paper books, I am willing to persevere with Omoguru and see where things go.

Ciaran, Head of SEN Primary and Secondary School

The children continued to use the app for various tasks during the trial. After that, teachers gave overwhelmingly positive feedback. Their Education Psychologist and assistant also felt Omoguru was a well-developed app they should use to support students.

Omoguru improves readability and provides a better visual impact for all readers. Especially those with dyslexia.

 This app is fantastic and easy to use. It allows you to find the most appropriate appearance that suits the individual user. Importantly, Omoguru offers a serious amount of feature change options as each person with dyslexia are affected in different ways. Doing this is simple and fast.

Omoguru is a great tool for students to have on hand in the classroom as a student can download notes and text straight to the app to read.

Christine Elgersma, Senior editor of parent education at CSM

In an article about helpful at-home school resources for kids with learning difficulties published on Mashable: For those with dyslexia, she recommends the app Omoguru, which allows kids to customize text to more easily interpret letters and words.


You made one boy very happy and made him belive in himself. Thank you!
- Private message
Omoguru has made our life so much better. My daughter reads with no breaks, when she gets tired of reading one font she adjusts to what she finds most suitable. Love to see her reading with a smile and no frustrations. Thank you so much!!!!!
- Rita and mom, Facebook
Fin loved the app, by the way. Is genuinely excited about it, and tried to use it to read a book this morning while we were asleep. Him wanting to read a book on his own is definitely a first, so thank you!
-Fin's mom, Private message
Great tool that discovered a world of books to my child. Read easier, she’s less frustrated and has more desire to read (learn)🥰
- Ivana Feric, Facebook



EVIE, 11