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Kids Read Better With OmoType Than Other Fonts For Dyslexia

Two independent research on fonts for dyslexia show that kids with dyslexia read faster, make fewer mistakes and spend less mental energy when reading text in the OmoType.

Educational App Store Rated Omoguru Dyslexia Reader with 5 stars

Omoguru Reader Certified and Rated With 5 Stars

Educational App Store trailed the Omoguru app with 2 primary and 4 secondary aged dyslexic students. Each child reported that it helped them to read and all gave the Omoguru a thumbs up.

Preschool and Kindergarten Warning Signs For Risk For Dyslexia

Various studies have identified some indicators that show potential for the development of dyslexia in the future. Keep an eye on these signs.

Dyslexia Friendly Tools – Why Dyslexics Should Read?

The improvement of reading skills is achievable. For that one needs to read. To read as much as possible reading needs to be enjoyable.

best apps for dyslexia for students

Best Apps For Dyslexia For Students

Recently we talked with IDA Oregon branch and learned they don’t give kids the tools. They ask them which are the best for them.

Cool videos that explain dyslexia

Cool Videos That Explain Dyslexia

In 4 videos dyslexics explain and present their perspectives and how they experience their challenges.


Positive Sides of Dyslexia

Reading is important. We all know that. But to explore all positive sides we need to empower dyslexics to develop their full potential in education and workplaces.

Short Lines and Readers Are Better for Students with Dyslexia

Study proves shorter lines facilitate reading in those who struggle with reading. One of the key benefits of Omoguru Reader is that provides a few words per line.

Tiny People Children Picture Book About Dyslexia

Tiny People: A Picture Book From a Dyslexic Girl For All Children

To support and empower children to communicate their fears we’ve created the picture book. It is about fears who live inside everyone’s heads and grow bigger until we speak about them.

Importance of Balancing the Summer for Dyslexic Children

The Importance of Balancing the Summer for Dyslexic Children

Successful dyslexic adults share one trait. The motivation to learn about high-interest topics. Foster the areas of interest and support struggling readers.

OmoType font for dyslexia designed for high readability.

Research: OmoType and Other Fonts For Dyslexia

When the OmoType font is used dyslexic children read faster and made fewer mistakes. OmoType was the highest rated font in this research.

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