Reading Ruler - Line Reader Tools in Lexie for Easy Focus

June 20, 2022
by Vanja Andrić

Reading ruler or a line reader is a simple tool that provides a guideline on a part of text a person is reading. A digital version of text overlay is available in Lexie, and combined with other tools provides quite an advantage for various readers, especially those with dyslexia and ADHD. 

The tools are designed based on the inputs from people who have said difficulties.  


Line reader tools are available in both reading styles:

  • Animated line integrated with Text To Speech in Swipe and Scroll style
  • Overlay in Scroll style

Reading Ruler as Animated Line for Better Rhythm and Speed

Animated Line tool enables the reader to follow the line of text easier. Depending on the setup it can also foster faster reading. It is integrated with TTS to provide additional benefits. You can just relax and listen to the whole text or when you want to take a break.

reading rulers animated line tool for easier line following in Lexie

Connection with TTS enables you to set the speed of the voice to one that fits you perfectly or if you want to improve reading speed you can try speeding it up a bit.

In the TTS option you can also enable to scroll the text along as you read so it is always in your focus. There is no need for distractions right? :)

Reading Ruler as Overlay for Highest Reading Focus

The overlay tool enables the reader to go through the text line by line. The dark mask covers the whole text except for a single line. This enables dyslexics and people with ADHD with severe focus and line tracking challenges to read easier. With additional setup of the visual appearance of the text it can fit any need perfectly.

reading rulers overlay for line by line reading

With High Flexibility Setup of the Text Appearance Lexie is For Everyone

The true power of Lexie is in combining different tools to achieve a perfect setup for everyone.  


For example, a combination of Animated Line tool, marked mirror letters, wider letter and line spacing reduces crowdedness, helps avoid mental rotation and following lines so the expected result would be to reduce the number of mistakes and increase reading speed.


A combination of Overlay and marked syllables can also achieve the same.

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