Lexie Reads For You - Text to Speech and Reading Tools

September 14, 2022
by Vanja Andrić

Yes, Lexie reads ANY text to you with text to speech (TTS). Additional advantages are the tools that provide support for reading practice or simply to easier follow the text.

What you can setup in TTS?

Text to Speech options you can set in Lexie are:


  • Reading speed
  • Select voice
  • Mark spoken words in karaoke like manner
  • Use animated line that show spoken text
  • Turn on/off the sound
  • Turn on/off automated text scrolling so the text is always on your screen


Here are some recipes for all needs and tastes on how to best utilize TTS features.

Lexie alati za čitanje i prilagodbu teksta

Classic Text To Speech - To Enjoy in Books, Stories or Easier Learning

With Lexie read all your texts in different formats - whether you’re using e-books, PDFs, Word docs, photos of the textbook pages or web. Or anything else.

If you’re adding something as a book (i.e. EPUB or Word doc) or using the Lexie libraries it is quite simple. Select a book from the list, turn on the TTS, set it up and select the first word where you want Lexie to start reading. Relax and read with your ears :)

If you need to make edits to the text (like when you want to use photos from textbooks) Lexie offers a simple text editor. You add photos as a document, and edit and arrange it as you need it. TTS is not available in the text editor, so you just need to convert the document to a book. And voila, you’re ready to go.

Lexie u školama za vježbanje tehnike čitanja

Advanced Text To Speech - For Building Your Reading Muscle

I’m sure the ability to turn the sound on/off has caught your eye. The reason we’ve enabled that is to help you practice your reading muscle.

You can practice reading in several ways:


  • Karaoke-like marking of spoken words enables you to track each word Lexie reads while listening to the pronunciation
  • Animated line helps you keep your focus on a sentence while listening to the text
  • For improving reading speed, use any of these features without sound. Lexie will help you follow the text and focus on specific words. Set the reading speed a bit faster than you already read at and move towards improving it


While practicing reading, you can combine TTS with other tools. One-click syllabication will help you keep a better reading rhythm.

Enjoy the World of Books Without Limits

TTS feature is available in Lexie within monthly or yearly subscription. There are no limits to the number of words or books you can read using TTS in a month.


For full advantages described in this article subscribe to Personal plan. To begin with, you don’t need to think about subscription as you can use Lexie completely free for the first 30 days. Try it now and decide about a subscription later. 

Use Text to Speech to speed up your school and work. Convert photos of a page in a book. It helps parents, teachers and speech therapists.

* Use Personal tier first 30 days for FREE  

* No credit card required 

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