Short Lines and Readers Are Better for Dyslexic Students

January 17, 2020
by Vanja Andrić

One of the key benefits of Omoguru Reader and Lexie - dyslexia friendly reader apps - are that they provide a few words per line. And a way to adjust the text to read it easily. It is not only we got such feedback from our users. It is also supported by 5-years old scientific research at the Harvard-Smithsonian CfA.

Research observed reading comprehension and speed in 103 highschool students with dyslexia. They compared reading on paper with reading on a small handheld e-reader device. The text displayed showed only a few words per line. Results show quite improved speed and comprehension when compared to text on paper. Before this research dr. Schneps’ team did an eye-tracking study. It showed readers with dyslexia:

  • Improved reading speeds by 27%
  • Enable better focus and following lines without loss of comprehension
tekst prilagođen učenicima s disleksijom

eBook Readers Show More Efficiency 

E-readers proved more effective in some students with dyslexia. Improvements are in both speed and comprehension. One of the key conclusions is that simple adjustments to the visual presentation of the text can improve reading in people with dyslexia. Main are shortening the text and adding spacing between letters and lines.

Dyslexics students (and adults) use Omoguru to make the text more readable and decode words with ease. The text is shorter by default. Space between lines and letters is easy to setup. To improve text readability and make Omoguru mobile app and Lexie more effective dyslexia reader users can:

  • Mark syllables (with different colors) to improve reading rhythm
  • Marking mirror letters to avoid mental rotation
  • Set background color for better canvas text contrast
  • Make font adjustments so the text fits personal needs
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