Early Signs of Dyslexia in Children

January 9, 2020
by Maja Peretić

Dyslexia is diagnosed in school age. Before the child enters the world of letters and reading we cannot say for sure whether or not he/she will develop dyslexia. Various studies have identified some indicators that show potential for the development of dyslexia in the future.

When we look at those indicators we have to remember that no child will have all and that some dyslexia indicators are more common than others.

Language and Literacy Signs of Dyslexia - Indicators

Language skills:

  • Delayed speech development compared to peers (although this can have many different causes)
  • Confuses some language sounds (e.g. /f/ and /v/ fan and van)
  • Difficulty in pronouncing multisyllabic words
  • Inability to recall the right word
  • Must hear a new word multiple times to remember it
  • Problem with following multi-step directions
  • Difficulty in telling and/or retelling a story in the correct sequence

Early literacy skills:

  • Difficulty recognizing and producing rhyme
  • Problem with separating spoken words into syllables and sounds
  • Difficulty in acquiring emergent literacy skills (knowledge of  reading and writing skills before they learn to read and write e.g., noticing print, knowing how to handle a book etc.)
  • Difficulty learning and remembering the names of letters in the alphabet

Other skills:


  • Trouble learning numbers, days of the week, colors and shapes
  • Difficulty in maintaining rhythm
  • Clumsy in tasks of motor skills
  • Family history of reading difficulties (dyslexia often runs in families)
signs of dyslexia in children illustration

Pay Attention To Your Child’s Development

However, not all children with these warning signs develop dyslexia, and not all children with dyslexia have all of these signs. This list is just a support for parents to keep an eye on them and recognize early.

Keep track of your child’s development and if you are concerned, see a dyslexia specialist.

It helps parents, teachers and speech therapists.

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