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April 9, 2020by Vanja Andric0

The Omoguru reading environment is designed to support homeschooling, independent reading practice, and classroom needs. We want to help you make the best of it.

Learning never stops. No matter what’s going on in our lives. New situations require new strategies. Even though e-learning and homeschooling isn’t new for all, some might find it difficult.

Here are 5 tips about how our mobile app can support your homeschooling and reading practice efforts to stay on track

  1. Use OCR print to digital conversion to digitize important parts of textbooks
  • Take photos of textbooks pages and save them as notes
  • Organize notes in groups so you have every lesson in one place
  • Your reading setup is applied to each note. You can change type, font size and weight, line height and letter spacing
  • With a small amount of work, hard to read textbooks are now bits of lessons and easy to learn
  1. Add Word documents or TruePDFs to the app for easier reading and note taking
  • The app converts Word docs and PDFs into ebooks to make them editable
  • Style the added content in the reading setup in a way it will be perfectly readable to you
  • If you need to save anything from these materials create a note. Hold the part of the text to enable selection and add it as a note.
  • You can group notes from print and from digital for easier learning
  1. Keep the grip on your reading, fluency and comprehension practice with short stories
dyslexic reader fluency
  1. Keep on with independent reading
  • A combination of tools available in the app makes it easier to read. Dyslexic kids just need the book they are interested in
  • Let your kids choose a book they like and add it to the app
  • 20 minutes per day should be more than enough to feel long term improvement in reading skills
  1. Schools can create their digital library in the app and make their reading materials available to students

These 5 tips will leave more than enough time for the rest of the school activities and playtime. It doesn’t take much time but results will be evident in the future. Just provide kids with the needed support at the beginning and they will do the rest 🙂

Download Omoguru for smartphones and tablets:

Download Omoguru for smartphones and tablets:

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