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April 27, 2020
by Vanja Andrić

What featues make good dyslexia apps? 

We use the science to develop Omoguru tools that make everyone progress on their reading journey. We are not offering a miracle, but a system that will allow you to find your own way.

From the very beginning Omoguru offers a comfortable reading experience adjusted to the needs of each individual user. Whether we talk about our OmoType font system, Omoguru Reader, or Lexie as our latest solution.

Omoguru Reader - Dyslexia Friendly Reading App

Omoguru Reader is a mobile app for both Android and iOS phones and tablets. It was designed as a reader app in which you can adjust the text to fit any reader perfectly. Visually comfortable font and manipulation of font features like properties that help decoding letters and words, letter spacing, marking mirroring letters were the first step. 

In addition to that there are reading tools that help keep reading rhythm like syllabication of the entire text in seconds, line reader tool for improving reading speed and overlay for high focus on one line of text. This combination makes it the most powerful dyslexia reading app for reading and fluency practice. 

It is constantly receiving great reviews and feedback from both experts and dyslexics. For more extensive use, especially for dyslexic students, users told us - there is only one thing missing - Text to Speech. 

What Users, Dyslexia & EdTech Experts Say About Us?


Owen Kowalski, The Life Dyslexic:


“I would recommend Omoguru to anyone who is struggling with their reading and suggest they give it a try. I am sure a more digitally orientated dyslexic would find it a huge asset to their arsenal.”


Fin’s Mom, Private Message:


“Fin loved the app, by the way. Is genuinely excited about it, and tried to use it to read a book this morning while we were asleep. Him wanting to read a book on his own is definitely a first, so thank you!”


Ivana Feric, Facebook:


“A great tool that discovered a world of books to my child. Reads easier, she’s less frustrated and has more desire to read (learn)🥰”

Lexie - For Enjoyable Reading and Learning

App analytics from Omoguru Reader, researches, users testing and feedback, and reading experts reviews are all built into foundations for Lexie.

With Lexie one can read and manage eBooks and other digital formats, even printed text. Text editor available in the app enables creating, editing, and arranging own texts, reading and learning materials. Several reading tools support customizing every text to the smallest detail. Print texts or simply use Text to Speech to relax, read and learn. Apart from using your own texts, Lexie libraries hold a large choice of book titles, readings and short stories.

Such a range of features and tools, and its universal design makes it a great app for everyone and supports all styles of reading and learning. Lexie is an ally to parents, speech therapists, tutors and teachers, and collaborates nicely with librarians.

Dyslexia apps - Lexie powerful toolbox for enjoyable reading
Use Text to Speech to speed up your school and work. Convert photos of a page in a book. It helps parents, teachers and speech therapists.

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