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December 18, 2019by Vanja Andric0

Dyslexics struggle with reading due to different neural pathways in their brains. Dyslexia also causes a hard time with spelling, writing and reading comprehension.

Even though they have a hard time reading, the world we live in makes reading crucial for so many aspects of life. These issues are most obvious earlier in life, in education. Their effect makes the most impact on kids’ future lives.

dyslexia characteristics IDA

Support and Create Space For Positive Sides of Dyslexia

We aim to support kids during their education. We want to make it easier for dyslexic students to read the necessary literature and improve reading skills. It is an important period in life to improve.
They will be more independent and able to tackle anything that life throws as they move forward. It is important to read.
It would be amazing if more dyslexics would have the ability to go through life with better reading skills, carrying fewer issues from the early days. Focusing more on the positive sides of dyslexia.
So far, this kind of solution was only supported by therapy – which is not available to many. Our goal is to extend the adjusted reading practice outside of the therapy.
We’re not looking to replace it, but support this process in any way we can.

We’re often asked if Omoguru dyslexia friendly mobile app offers text-to-speech. One of the reasons we don’t is what we already mentioned.
The other is there are a lot of great apps available already. We do plan to use text-to-speech to some parts of our ecosystem like learning tools, which we are planing to add soon.

Dyslexia Tools That Make The Text More Readable

The improvement of reading skills is achievable. For that, one needs to read. To read as much as possible – reading needs to be enjoyable. Reading needs to be easy. And exactly that is the purpose of our dyslexia friendly reading tools.

alati za čitanje disleksija

So how do we do that? The core of the solution is our dyslexia font family – OmoType. It has 5 different types. Type A to Type E.
Each type has a bit longer necks (ascenders) and tails (descenders) from A to E respectively. These necks and tails help with decoding letters and words. For any dyslexic, if the word is easier to decode it will be easier to read. So the first step for dyslexic readers is to select the font type that makes the text easier for them to read. After that, the rest of the text fitting is fine tuning of the specific needs that make the text more readable. Some of the text customization features dyslexics use the most are :

  • Marked syllables for better reading rhythm
  • Change text line heights and space between the letters to make the text less dense
  • Marked mirror letters for better letter recognition
  • An animated line that helps with focus and speed
alati za čitanje disleksija omoguru prilagođeni tekst

Easier To Read, More Pleasure,
and Confidence

When we take a look at how dyslexics adjust the text in the app we can see that each one prefers different text looks. This way dyslexia manifestations don’t make it so difficult to read as they did before using the app. Another great benefit of our dyslexia reading tools is that dyslexics read easier the lines that are shorter.

The next step is to read. As they improve letter recognition they will be able to make new adjustments with the text. Our goal is that at one point a dyslexic reader doesn’t need to heavily rely on Omoguru Reader or other dyslexia reading tools anymore. At that point, they would be able to read any text around them easier, and with more pleasure and confidence.

Download Omoguru for smartphones and tablets:

Download Omoguru for smartphones and tablets:

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