Your Kind of Text in Your Kind of World

Omoguru offers comfortable reading experience adjusted for you

Start With Available Free E-books

You can easily start reading because the selection of free e-books is available through Omoguru.

You can also add your own e-books or documents. For more info take a look at the difference between free and subscription features.

Import Text From Printed Publications

With a text recognition tool (OCR) you can take a picture of any page of printed text and import it as your own content. Style it, adjust to your needs and simply read.

Words into Syllables

Hyphenation enables you to read correctly, detect syllables and improve reading rhythm. You can set the text to different font-weight or color.

Better Focus and Reading Speed

Enabled background line makes it easier to follow lines in a book. Any reader can animate this line and adjust speed to their specific needs.

Font Options Support Personal Needs

Readers can set up any text to customize for easier reading experience. In a few simple clicks you can choose font size, font type and weight, spacing between lines and letters, text alignment and background color.

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My boyfriend is 36 yo, he has dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD. This is the first time he can read books normally and I thank you for that :)” Pavla M.

Private Message

“You made one boy very happy and made him believe in himself. Thank you!”


“Reader has made our life so much better. My daughter reads with no breaks, when she gets tired of reading one font she adjusts to what she finds most suitable. Love to see her reading with a smile and no frustrations. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️”

Marked Mirror Letters to Avoid Mental Rotation

Readers can choose between several markings for mirror letters that will stop mental rotation.

Notes Help You Learn Easier and Keep Important Stuff at Hand

Note help dyslexic students write papers and learn. Collect notes from e-books or from print. Simply select a part of the text you want to save. Name the note or add comments if you wish, and save it as new or add to the existing group. Each note from e-book contains links to its origin.

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