Dyslexia Tools For Adults Make Reading Easier

Make Any Web Page or App Readable With Omoguru Chrome Plugin

All core features from Omoguru Reader are now available in the browser. You can adjust :

  • Headings and body text
  • Font size, weight, and spacing
  • Set the background color.
  • Save and Load for each page separately

With Chrome Plugin it is easy to set up any web page or application like Gmail or Facebook for your needs. This is one of the amazing dyslexia tools for adults we’ve created. Others include our dyslexia friendly reader and highly readable font.

Omoguru_Chrome_Plugin_Dyslexia tools for adults

Above all, the plugin is simple to use. To experience Omoguru in the browser please go to Chrome Web Store.

  1. Click Add to Chrome on the right
  2. The plugin is added (Omo icon in the top right corner)
  3. Click on the icon to open setup board
  4. Select Apply at the bottom
  5. Open or refresh a page you would like to read
  6. Try headers and text font configuration to find the right one
  7. Enjoy Reading 🙂

Click image to Add to Chrome:

How You Can Benefit From Dyslexia Tools for Adults?

Dyslexic adults mostly have developed some kind of strategy for reading. Still, many report certain issues and avoid reading if they can.

Web browser plugin offers basic font and text setup. Therefore, this solution should improve dyslexic adults ability to read work emails with less stress than they experience now. Also, whatever they need to look on the web, our browser plugin makes it more simple.

Another way dyslexic adults can support themselves in a workplace is with the OmoType font system. For instance, add the font to your computers and use it in documents.

In addition, any document regardless of the font it is created in can be added to our mobile app. The mobile app enables each user to adjust the text to his specific needs, align it with his strategy and make it easier to read.

In conclusion, each of these dyslexia tools for adults provides benefits. It is up to each dyslexic adults to find what they need. Our tools support just that.