Omoguru Is Free! We Offer Subscription Based Features

All features will be available during the 14-day trial period.

For Readers of All Types and Needs

With Omoguru Free we would like to enable dyslexics to read necessary literature and digital content on all devices as easy as possible. Our focus is to keep the reading experience enjoyable. That is why all the tools and integrated free e-books are available without subscription:

  • Hyphenation
  • Line behind text
  • Line animation
  • Font and text customization
  • Scroll reading style
  • Mirror letters
  • Free e-books

Your subscription will support further development of Omoguru tools

You will be able to add your own content and import text from printed publications:

  • Add ePubs
  • Convert PDF, DOCX, TXT, MOBI
  • Convert printed text with OCR tool

Works on all devices. Download Omoguru for FREE on: