Fluency Practice and Close Reading Passages For Dyslexic Students

Fluency practice and close reading passages are from Reading Sage blog, a dyslexic reading teacher Sean Taylor. We made ePubs that are appropriate for use in Omoguru Dyslexia Friendly Reader. Our font and tools make the app a perfect tool for fluency practice for middle and upper school dyslexic students.

Here you will be able to access materials collected from various sources. Also, you can look at those sources for more passages until we’re able to prepare them to fit kids and don’t distract them.

fluency practice passages for dyslexic students

Grade 2 and 3 Reading Passages

The First Flyers

Animal Studies

The Ants and the Grasshopper

Grade 4 Reading Passages

The Astronauts Diary

The Technology Trip

The Hero

Grade 5 Reading Passages

The Cloud

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Changing America

The Recycle Center

Grade 6 Reading Passages

The Elves and The Shoemaker

Prairie Ecology

Source of all the texts provided here are from DePaul University, Center for Urban Education.

Additional sources

Mrs. Warners’s Learning Community

We’ll continue adding more passages for all grades for the middle and upper school.

Try these texts and see how the app supports fluency practice with tools that make the text easier to read.

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Here is the video that explains key tools that make it easier to read.