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December 5, 2019by Vanja Andric0

Everyone has their favorite assistive tech tools. For dyslexia, it takes a lot of apps to go through the day. Omoguru is looking to provide an ecosystem of connected apps for dyslexia that make reading easier and improve reading skills. As we can’t cover everything dyslexic students need here is the list of apps that students in Oregon use. Recently talking with IDA Oregon branch we learned they don’t give kids the tools. They ask them which are the best for them.

Co-Writer – Word prediction

Grammarly– Automated Grammar Checker

Inspiration Maps – Graphic Organizer

Notability – Notetaking assist

Read&Write – Full service writing assist

Snapverter – Converts documents to be electronically accessible

Prizmo – Process documents from camera or scanner with advanced editing, OCR & PDF

Easy Spelling Aid – For spelling, voice to, quick access to words

Voice Dream – Text to speech

Google Translate – Good for text to speech with multi language support

One Note – Microsoft notetaking and organizer assist

Office Lens – Microsoft app to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint

Claro PDF – Converts documents to be electronically accessible

SnapType – Simple way to complete any school worksheet on your iPad/Tablet (handwriting assist)

What Apps For Dyslexia Are Best For You?

We will keep an eye on what else dyslexic students use in their daily education. But we prefer to have the info right from dyslexics that use them daily. We would love the most that ones who know of useful tools that work for them let us know about them. Reach out to us at so we can make another list of apps for dyslexia. You never know who will benefit and help them learn.

Also, any feedback about our own app that helps specific manifestations of dyslexia is really useful to us. That way we can improve and make reading easier for even more dyslexics. Let us know what works and doesn’t work. We are happy to hear from you.

Download Omoguru for smartphones and tablets:

Download Omoguru for smartphones and tablets:

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