Dyslexia App For Students Helps With School Reading

Each dyslexic is unique. That’s why we provide a custom reading setup of the text. Selecting a font type from A to E respectively helps with decoding words. Setting up line heights, the spacing between letters and color marking of syllables makes the text more readable in less than a minute.

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dyslexia app for students makes reading easier

Read and Learn Easier With Omoguru

The whole purpose of our mobile reading app is to support students during their learning process. So far we have tackled only mandatory school reading. There is an option to take a picture of the textbook and convert it to digital. Still, that feature doesn’t yet provide the ability to customize the text. However, the research we did with our dyslexia friendly font and readability shows middle schoolers read better with OmoType.

In other words, the benefits Omoguru Reader provides are:

  • Easier reading – Use preloaded books for school reading or add your own, customize the text to fit you and read
  • Easier learning – Collect notes from e-books or from printed textbooks. Learn or write papers and school reports easier.

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“Reader has made our life so much better. My daughter reads with no breaks, when she gets tired of reading one font she adjusts to what she finds most suitable. I love to see her reading with a smile and no frustrations. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️”

Dyslexia App Tested In Schools

Any dyslexic reads easier with Omoguru. The most support is provided for middle and upper schoolers and higher education. The use cases we’re observed at Mary McDowell Friends School for students with learning disabilities. So we know it works.

Moreover, Omoguru is created with feedback from over 7200 dyslexic readers, scientific research on font readability and dyslexia expertize. In addition to that, our dyslexic users tell us that the Omoguru mobile app is really useful. Above all, that makes us very happy.

We’re currently working on a few pilots in schools to better understand how we can improve students experience. We would be happy to reach more schools and provide this amazing tool that students, parents, and schools already recognized.

In conclusion, explore more about the best dyslexia app for students and feel free to reach out to us.