The Most Readable Font In The World

OmoType is adjusted for people with dyslexia. This visually comfortable font is dynamic and can be adapted to unique needs and preferences of every individual.

  • Our typographers, science and dyslexia experts designed the type guided by relevant scientific research about font readability and dyslexia
  • 240 different styles are designed to cater a broad segment of users and address the entire spectrum of dyslexia manifestations

OmoType and Other Dyslexia Friendly Fonts

The results obtained showed that children with reading disabilities are able to read with greater degree of accuracy when OmoType font is used, and that, based solely on its visual appeal, OmoType was awarded an average rating of 3.54 (on a scale of 1-4, 4 being the highest rating).

Comparative Analysis

The motivation behind the efforts invested in developing OmoType font system is that not a single available font of that kind has truly proved effective, or friendly for that matter, in addressing the reading issues dyslexic individuals face.

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