The Most Readable Font In The World

OmoType is adjusted for people with dyslexia. This visually comfortable font is dynamic and can be adapted to unique needs and preferences of every individual.

  • Our typographers, science and dyslexia experts designed the type guided by relevant scientific research about font readability and dyslexia
  • 240 different styles are designed to cater a broad segment of users and address the entire spectrum of dyslexia manifestations

OmoType and Other Dyslexia Friendly Fonts

The results obtained showed that children with reading disabilities are able to read with greater degree of accuracy when OmoType font is used, and that, based solely on its visual appeal, OmoType was awarded an average rating of 3.54 (on a scale of 1-4, 4 being the highest rating).

Comparative Analysis

The motivation behind the efforts invested in developing OmoType font system is that not a single available font of that kind has truly proved effective, or friendly for that matter, in addressing the reading issues dyslexic individuals face.

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What Is Omo?

In the course of the whole creative process of graphic design and production, from the very beginning, Omo was there, the student and the teacher at the same time. It was precisely this unique relationship, in addition to difficulties my dyslexic family members had been experiencing, that directed my attention to development of communication tools specially designed for those endowed with peculiar cognitive circuitries.

The agenda behind Omo is going back to basics, and so the resulting concept stems from the need to eliminate any superfluous additions spawned by socially motivated deformations, or, to put it simply, to focus on that which truly carries meaning and substance amidst the white noise of everyday communication.

At its inception, Omo is the very beginning of the line, a basic element, a line the eye is following along, or a smart line that communicates through elementary movement and application of primary colours.

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A Picture Book From a Dyslexic Girl For All Children

To support and empower children to communicate their fears we’ve created the picture book called Tiny people. It is about fears who live inside everyone’s heads and grow bigger until we speak about them. Picture book is made with OmoType font and full of amazing dreamy illustrations. Text is adapted for children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

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The Importance of Balancing the Summer Time for Dyslexic Children

Successful adults with dyslexia share one trait – the motivation to learn about high-interest topics. Fostering the areas of interest and supporting struggling readers via printed text can help them overcome some barriers. With those extra hours and the tools – Reader and Font – it can be a great help in practicing, reading or spelling while having fun, which summer is all about!

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