A Picture Book From a Dyslexic Girl For All Children

To support and empower children to communicate their fears we’ve created the picture book called Tiny people. It is about fears who live inside everyone’s heads and grow bigger until we speak about them. Picture book is made with OmoType font and full of amazing dreamy illustrations. Text is adapted for children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

From a dyslexic girl for all children

Tiny People is primarily for children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties, but is also appropriate for any child. The story is created by 13 years old Ula, a dyslexic girl whose difficulty was an inspiration for the creation of the OmoType font family and Omoguru mobile app. Amazing dreamy illustrations from academic artist Ivana Radic follow the story.  

Who are those tiny people that school princesses, cool guys and geeks have to deal with? How do they talk to them? How do grown ups communicate with their tiny people?
Find out in a bilingual edition of this picture book.
Price of the Tiny People picture book is $10.78. For orders please contact us at info@omoguru.com

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